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Wake Up Refreshed by Treating Sleep Apnea in Laurens

From using blackout curtains to banning smartphones before bed, a ton of advice is available for you to get a better night’s sleep. But if you still struggle with daytime fatigue, you may need more than a simple life hack. Treating sleep apnea in Laurens and the Upstate can give you much-needed relief from wakeful nights. With our help, you can:

  • Sleep through the night without interruption
  • Find an alternative to awkward CPAP machines
  • Get more energy during the day
  • Stop annoying symptoms of apnea, like dry mouth and headaches
  • Enjoy better overall health by improving your sleep quality

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Find Relief From Sleep Apnea With a Custom Oral Appliance

Sleep apnea is a serious health condition that affects millions of people. Without treatment, you increase your risk for health issues like heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. The most common form of this disorder is obstructive sleep apnea. During the night, the soft tissues in your throat will close. It causes you to snore, wake up gasping for air, and stop breathing throughout the night. You might also have symptoms including regular headaches, chronic fatigue, and dry mouth.

Many patients turn to a CPAP machine for help. However, this isn’t the only solution. We can create a custom sleep guard that keeps your airways open without using pressurized air. It offers many benefits:

  • Easy to Wear – A custom sleep guard is made for your unique smile. We use a digital scanner to create impressions, so it fits you perfectly. After just a few nights of wearing it, you’ll barely notice you have it on.
  • Long-Lasting – Although sleep guards are available online, they are poor quality. Our sleep guards are made with high-quality materials and can last you for years.
  • Easy Maintenance – Unlike a CPAP machine, a custom oral appliance is easy to clean. You clean it with gentle soap and a toothbrush. Plus, you can easily take it with you when you travel.

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Common Questions About Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when you repeatedly stop breathing while sleeping. It is caused by your air passages becoming blocked by your tongue and other soft tissues in the back of your throat. When they block your airway, you stop breathing for a few seconds before waking up briefly to take in more air. The sleep apnea cycle can repeat itself hundreds of times per night in severe sleep apnea sufferers.

Why is sleep apnea bad?

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition that does more than just disrupt your sleep. It has been linked to serious health problems such as strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Getting the treatment you need can help you sleep more soundly, feel better, and improve your overall health.

Will sleep apnea cause fatigue?

Yes, you are quite likely to feel fatigued if you suffer from sleep apnea. This sleep disorder prevents you from reaching the stages of deep sleep, including REM sleep. Without deep sleep, you will experience the effects of sleep deprivation. That can leave you feeling tired and dealing with daytime sleepiness.

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