Get a Smile That Turns Heads From Your Cosmetic Dentist in Laurens

An attractive smile can leave a lasting positive impression on those around you. Unfortunately, if you have noticeable dental flaws, it can bring down its beauty. Whether you want a slight improvement or a complete makeover, you’ll get the results you want from an experienced cosmetic dentist in Laurens. As our patient, you can:

  • Improve your confidence in your appearance
  • Find treatments that are right for your smile goals
  • Stay within your budget with affordable solutions
  • Get rid of noticeable wear-and-tear
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling with early morning hours twice a week

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Treat Your Smile to a Wide Range of Cosmetic Treatments

No matter your age, you’ll benefit from investing in cosmetic services. In a recent study, 45 percent of participants said that a smile is a person’s most attractive asset. When you visit Confident Smiles of Laurens, we’ll discuss the changes you want to see in the mirror. Your dentist wants you to understand what’s necessary to improve your smile, so he’ll carefully explain your options. We’ll also take digital X-rays, 3-D scans, and photos of your mouth with our intraoral camera. If there are any oral health concerns, we’ll treat those first.

Then, depending on what we determine is ideal for you, you’ll continue with cosmetic treatments:

  • Teeth Whitening – Brighten dull or stained teeth with professional teeth whitening. You can do treatments in our office or at home. Both give you fantastic results!
  • Dental Veneers – Choose from prepless or standard veneers to get perfect-looking teeth. The results can last for a decade or longer.
  • Tooth Bonding – This is an affordable way to disguise flaws like chips, cracks, or stubborn stains. Bonding lasts for several years.
  • Snap-On Smile – Get attractive teeth that easily snap into place on top of your own. This prosthetic is a non-invasive way to achieve a great smile!
  • Clear Aligner Treatment – Straighten misaligned or crooked teeth with our clear aligner orthodontics. It is a discreet alternative to traditional braces.
  • Teeth Contouring – Your dentist uses a laser to reshape your teeth.
  • Gum Reshaping – Fix an uneven gumline or a gummy smile with our reshaping treatment. Our gentle laser gives you a pain-free experience and precise results.
  • Smile Makeover – If you have several changes you want to make, pursue a cosmetic makeover. We’ll create a custom treatment plan that addresses all of your smile flaws.

There’s no reason to feel nervous about any procedure you have here. Sedation options are available to help you remain calm. We also have many amenities to soothe your anxiety. You can relax with weighted blankets, pillows, and headphones that play binaural beats. Aromatherapy also adds to our calming atmosphere.

Call 864-477-4364 for an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Laurens and the Upstate. We’ll help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

What can cosmetic dentistry do?

Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your teeth, so you can enjoy a more attractive smile – and everything that comes with it, like enhanced self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a younger-looking smile by covering stains and other signs of wear-and-tear. With our wide variety of cosmetic services, you can change any aspect of your smile you don’t like.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies quite a bit from treatment to treatment. The best way to determine the approximate cost of improving your smile is by scheduling a cosmetic consultation with us. Your cosmetic dentist will walk you through all your potential solutions, including cost. That way, you can select the treatments that best suit your smile and fit your budget.

Is cosmetic dentistry permanent?

Some cosmetic dental treatments, such as gum reshaping and teeth contouring, are permanent. However, most cosmetic treatments are temporary and need to be repeated to maintain your beautiful results. The duration of each treatment can vary, from several months (teeth whitening) to more than 10 years (veneers). During your first consultation, your dentist will explain how long the solutions should last.

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