General Dentistry Protect Your Oral Health
  • Detect decay early with our advanced technology
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Maintain Optimal Oral Health With General Dentistry in Laurens

A healthy smile is essential for a healthy life. That’s why good oral care habits make such a big difference! But they aren’t enough on their own. Regular visits to your dentist can prevent issues like decay from putting your oral health at risk. Our general dentistry in Laurens will keep your teeth and gums in good shape throughout your life. By choosing Confident Smiles of Laurens in the Upstate, you’ll benefit from:

  • Proactive solutions for your unique dental needs
  • Advanced technology that detects decay in its earliest stages
  • An experienced team that listens to your concerns
  • Long-term oral health and improved well-being
  • Convenient early morning hours

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Stay Ahead of Dental Problems With Preventive Dental Care

Visiting us every six months for general dental care creates a foundation for good oral health. In addition to a wide range of treatments, we have invested in advanced technology to easily detect any underlying issues. For example, the DIAGNOdent laser allows us to spot cavities in their earliest stages. Plus, our digital X-rays and intraoral cameras give us precise images of the details of your mouth.

Your appointment may include preventive services such as:

  • Dental Cleanings and ExamsOur team will clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar you missed at home. We’ll also examine your mouth for cavities using DIAGNOdent and look for signs of gum disease and oral cancer too. If we spot any issues, your dentist will discuss possible follow-up treatments.
  • Preventive Treatments – We’ll apply fluoride varnishes or dental sealants if necessary. They provide an extra layer of defense against harmful bacteria.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If you have an infection in your gums,  a deep cleaning will eliminate the disease. Gum disease is less likely when you visit us for cleanings, as we use laser bacterial reduction technology to kill bacteria and prevent infections.
  • Dry Mouth – We recommend products you can use at home to relieve your chronic dry mouth.
  • Mouthguards – You can get a custom-made mouthguard if you grind your teeth or play sports. Custom guards will last longer than products bought from the store or online.

Call 864-477-4364 for general dentistry in Laurens. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

Daily oral hygiene is essential to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. But as important as brushing and flossing are, they aren’t enough on their own to protect your teeth and gums. General dentistry covers a wide range of treatments designed to help you prevent and detect dental problems, so you can keep your oral health on track.

What foods are healthy for my teeth?

Nutritious foods that benefit your overall health also help you maintain healthy teeth. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods like cheese into your diet is a good start. Some fruits and vegetables, with their high water and fiber content, function as a natural toothbrush and remove plaque from your teeth. Nuts make an excellent snack as they contain minerals that strengthen tooth enamel, making it less vulnerable to cavities.

Should I get fluoride treatment?

Sugar and bacteria in your mouth form acids that eat into your tooth enamel, causing cavities. Fluoride and other minerals strengthen your enamel and help fortify it against these kinds of attacks. If you are prone to cavities, fluoride treatments can help you avoid them. Of course, it’s also important to brush and floss every day and to cut down on sugary foods and drinks.

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