Of all the oral care habits, people seem to have the hardest time with adding in a regular flossing routine. Just as this video below shows, there may be no tooth fairy that gives you rewards for flossing, but you still save money and your smile by flossing:

You get rid of food particles from between your teeth you miss while brushing. This reduces your risk for cavities or gum disease. As a result, you avoid more extensive treatments that can often be costly.

Wondering how to make flossing easier? Consider these tips:

  • Floss Between Meals: Flossing after you eat is an easy to build the habit. Just keep a pack of floss or flossing picks with you if you are eating away from home.
  • Floss Right Before Bed: Make flossing part of your nightly routine. Just make sure you floss right before you brush.
  • Use Floss Picks: While they aren’t the most environmentally friendly solution, flossing picks can let you easily floss. Just make sure you don’t reuse the same pick for all of your teeth.

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