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Dental Fillings, What Are Your Options?

If you have damaged or decayed teeth, you might need to get fillings at your dentist in Laurens, SC. Dr. Cost provides expert care at Confident Smiles of Laurens.

What Is A Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a material used to fill and seal a space previously occupied by tooth enamel. There are many options available for different types of teeth and issues. We use fillings to help restore and protect your teeth, so you can continue to enjoy all the foods and drinks you love.

Fillings are necessary when cavities get bigger than just the decayed area of the tooth. They also may be required if one or more teeth begin to break down due to decay or injury. Once cavities reach below the enamel level, it is difficult or impossible to save the tooth.

What Types of Dental Fillings Are Available?

When you visit your local dentist for fillings in Laurens, SC, we can use white-colored composite fillings for your teeth. This is a good option because it is very durable, looks natural, and attracts little to no attention. When we use white-colored resin, we don't have to drill as much enamel away as when using metal fillings. Therefore, more of your healthy tooth structure stays intact.

Some people have used gold dental fillings. Gold provides strength and support in cases of extreme decay. Of course, gold is a very durable material.

Another common choice is silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam restorations are typically composed of about 50% mercury, 25-40% silver, tin, copper, and zinc.

What If I Don't Want a Filling?

If your dentist recommends a filling, the tooth is still salvageable. However, if you don't get a recommended filling, the decay will most likely progress.

When decay gets severe, a root canal will be needed. This will remove the diseased inner tissue of your tooth and replace it with synthetic material that functions similarly to natural enamel.

At Confident Smiles of Laurens, our staff can help save and restore your damaged teeth. Dr. Cost is your friendly local dentist in Laurens, SC, for fillings. Call us at (864) 766-4636 for an appointment today.

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