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FAQs About Teeth Whitening

Get all your questions about professional teeth whitening answered now! 

Whether you have a wedding fast approaching or you’re just tired of seeing yellowing teeth day in and day out, there is never a bad reason to get professional teeth whitening from our Laurens, SC, dentist Dr. Cost. Before you leap into teeth whitening it’s important to know more about it. 

What stains can whitening treat?

Our in-office whitening system boasts the strongest whitening gel that you can get. At-home products don’t even come close to the same strength and effectiveness. In-office whitening can get some teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one session. 

Whitening is best able to treat and remove external and yellowing stains caused by,

  • Aging 
  • Diet
  • Smoking 

Stains that are internal and caused by trauma or taking certain medications may not respond as well to whitening treatment. If you aren’t sure whether whitening is right for you ask your cosmetic dentist in Laurens, SC, to learn more. 

How long will the in-office whitening process take? 

The whitening session itself should only take about 45 minutes. This involves applying the whitening gel to the front of your teeth, directing a light beam over the teeth to activate the gel and then leaving it to sit for 15 minutes before removing the gel. Each session involves three 15-minute gel applications to achieve the ideal results. 

Is it safe? 

Professional teeth whitening is completely safe when performed by our Laurens, SC, dentist Dr. Cost who has received the proper and specialized cosmetic training to be able to provide amazing results with the most advanced whitening system around.

How long will my results last? 

A lot will depend on you. Results can last up to two years but this will mean doing your part to make sure you have great oral hygiene and that you avoid certain foods and drinks that could cause stains such as wine, coffee, berries or dark sauces. You can also talk to us about our at-home whitening system, which can help you maintain your results from the comfort of your own home. 

Is teeth whitening safe for my dental work? 

While teeth whitening is completely safe for dental work, don’t expect it to change the color. Whitening is only effective on natural tooth structures, so if you need to whiten your dental work you may need to have them replaced. 

Turn to our Laurens, SC, family dentist Dr. Cost for all of our teeth whitening needs. Call Confident Smiles of Laurens at (864) 766-4636 to find out if whitening is right for you.

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