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The Benefits of Restorative Fillings

You know the drill for healthy teeth is brushing and flossing. But even if you're on top of your oral hygiene, cavities can occur or fillings can fall out, leaving your teeth vulnerable to further decay.

Restorative fillings improve the health of your teeth, so they look and feel great. At Confident Smiles of Laurens in Laurens, SC, Dr. Nicholas Cost can repair your damaged or decayed tooth with a permanent filling so your tooth looks and feels as good as new.

What is a filling?

Fillings are made from silver or composite, a tooth-colored blend of plastic and glass. Fillings serve as a sealant for a cavity, filling in the void to protect it from infection and decay and even the surface of your tooth.

How can a filling improve my smile?

The benefits of fillings include improving your oral health and the appearance of your tooth. Left unfilled, a cavity becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can spread to your surrounding teeth, leaving them susceptible to decay and possibly impair your ability to eat and brush. You may find brushing, biting, and chewing to be easier with a filling, as it restores the structure of your tooth.

Aesthetically, an inconspicuous tooth-colored filling makes your tooth look natural and healthy. A silver filling, while visible, will even out the top of your tooth so it matches the rest of your smile.

How is a filling put in?

At our Laurens, SC, office, your dentist will numb the area around your affected tooth before using a small drill to remove the cavity. A light acidic solution will be applied to help your filling attach securely to your tooth. Cement will be used to affix the filling, and your dentist will perform any needed adjustments so you can bite comfortably.

Restore your tooth with a filling from Confident Smiles of Laurens in Laurens, SC. Make an appointment with Dr. Cost today by calling 864-766-4636. 

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